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Have you ever considered recording your family history? The fact is, your family and personal stories are too important to loose. Recording them is the only alternative to loosing them through fading memories.

The good thing is that, you don't have to be certified or trained to record your family history. You just have to have the will to start documenting the facts.

The best place to begin your exploration is to start right at home. Are your grandparents still living? What do you know about your own parents? Are there any old photo albums around? How about those interesting stories your great-grandpa narrated to you about life in the 1940s? What about those diaries and letters your auntie left behind? These are some of the resources that will help start your research.

There are several other ways to obtain information about your descendents. These include census data, library documents, birth and death records, courthouse records, church records and archives, military records, public records and other sources such as directories, newspapers, school and university records, and taxation records.

If you are interested in recording your family history, the best way is to start researching. Talk to your parents and older relatives. They are a good source of oral history you may find useful. Find out if there is a local genealogy club in your area. If you live near a reference library, that's the place to go.

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